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Feb 18, 2024 - Mar 1, 2024

ASHTANGA YOGA 2nd Series Training Intensive

  • 13Days
  • 2Steps


This workshop is on the traditional Ashtanga 2nd series poses. To apply for this course one must be proficient in primary series or an equivalent level in Hatha or Vinyasa yoga. In this course, you will learn the traditional Vinyasa's for all the asanas, modifications and stages to make the poses accessible and better. Sometimes you can do a pose, but if you learn certain stages and steps, it actually makes the pose better and eventually deeper. You will also learn adjustments for all the poses in the intermediate series to help someone go deeper safer. Hands-on adjustments, teach compassion and sensitivity. This course will be a 100 hour certification and accredited to Yoga Alliance for those that are interested in yoga alliance accreditation.

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