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As a practitioner and a teacher I see the goal of yoga is to help people transcend limits and increase physical and mental ability.

I have been practicing traditional yoga since 1991 and have trained with many 'masters' in many styles and I find value in all of them. Different systems, styles are used to approach the self in various ways. Some are hard and strong, others soft and gentle, some are fast others slow, some with lots of movement others with little movement. There is not one way that works for all people all the time. 

Yoga practice is a tool, it is a means to an end, wether that end is to prepare you for you day or prepare you for meditation.

There are many good 'templates / systems in place to work with so I use my knowledge of them, my intuition and my sense of humor to share the practice.

I teach different styles of yoga that compliment each other and create a synergy for my overall teaching profile. The majority of my classes involve Tristhana a method that integrates 3 elements into practice that develop balance, focus and concentration. Tristhana: 1. Asana with Bandha 2. Vinyasa and 3. Dristhi

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