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My practice began in Los Angeles, California  1991:

Baron Baptiste - Bikram yoga

Hayward Coleman - Sivananda + Ashtanga yoga, pranayamas and kriyas. 

Anna Forrest - Forrest yoga

Erich Schiffman - Schiffman yoga - Moving into Stillness

Lisa Walford - Iyengar yoga

Maty Ezraty - Ashtanga + Iyengar yoga

Aadil Palkhivala - Iyengar yoga 

Shandor Remete - Shadow yoga

Rod Stryker - Vinyasa + Tantra yoga

Dharma Mittra - Dharma + Ashtanga yoga 

Yogi Bhajan - Kundalini yoga

Chuck Miller - Ashtanga yoga

Tim Miller - Ashtanga yoga

Dena Ginsburg - Ashtanga yoga

Richard Freeman - Ashtanga yoga

Annie Pace - Ashtanga yoga

Greame Northfield - Ashtanga yoga

Guruji Sri K. Pattabhi Jois + Sharath Jois - Ashtanga yoga

Sri Swami Bua - Hatha Vinyasa yoga

YogaWorks Teacher Trainings Certification Courses

1. 1993 Iyengar + Vinyasa training - Lisa Walford + Rod Stryker 

2. 1994 Krishnamurti Schiffman training - Erich Schiffman

3. 1995 Iyengar + Ashtanga training - Lisa Walford + Maty Ezraty  

Received the Guru's blessing

2000 Ashtanga - Guruji Sri K. Pattabhi Jois - Authorized

2002 Dharma Ashtanga Style - Sri Dharma mittra - Certified

2003 Hatha Vinyasa Style  - Sri Swami Bua - Certified

My teaching began in Los Angeles California 1993

1993 - 1996 Hatha Vinyasa Yoga - Various Gyms + dance studios Los Angeles CA. 

1994 Vinyasa yoga Forrest Yoga Circle Santa Monica Ca.

1994-96  Initiated Corporate Vinyasa Program at Mgm Plaza for Johnson + Johnson Co. Santa Monica Ca.

1994 - 95 Initiated Yoga Therapy for Dr Vikki Hufnagel at the Hufnagel Womens Clinic in Beverly Hills, Ca,

1995 Ashtanga Mysore style - assisted Maty Ezraty YogaWorks. Santa Monica Ca.

1995 -96  Ashtanga Prep + Vinyasa  Dragon Yoga Studio Venice Ca.

1996-97 Ashtanga Yoga  Synergy Yoga center Miami Beach Fl. 

1997 - 2006 Director of AshtangaYoga - Shakti Yoga Loft Miami Beach Fl. 

1998 - Present Ashtanga Plus Yoga Intensive Teacher Trainings

2006 -08 Director of Ashtanga Yoga - Brownes + Co. Yoga Studio Miami Beach Fl. 

2006 -08  Director of Ashtanga Yoga - the Standard Hotel + Spa Miami Beach Fl. 

Wayne Krassner
Instructor of Yoga Asana, Vinyasa, Pranayama, Meditation and Thai Yoga Massage

Born November 13, 1965

Wayne Has always had a passion for movement and a fascination with stillness. He began playing sports and doing exercise at an early age. Since about the age of 12  he was involved in swimming, 

calisthenics, martial arts, dance.and fitness training.

Wayne has been a vegetarian since he was 23, he began yoga at 25 and Qi Gong / Tai Chi at 32.

As a young boy he practiced Meditation unaware of what exactly he was doing and later in his early thirties he immersed himself in meditation practices. Practicing Kabbalah, Buddhist and Yogic principles and techniques. Upon a realization at the age of 37 he derived his own simple and profound technique to share this powerful and beneficial practice with everyone. Expanding Love Consciousness

He practices yoga daily to live better, to be a better person, to live in peace and harmony within himself, with others and with nature.

As a practitioner and a teacher he see's the goal of yoga is to help people transcend limits and increase physical and mental ability. 

Wayne has been practicing traditional yoga since 1991 and have trained with many 'masters' in many styles and he finds value in all of them. (see the list below)

In 1997 Wayne created the first Ashtanga primary series yoga poster with audio CD. 

In 1998  he opened Shakti Yoga Loft the first official Ashtanga Yoga school in Florida in Miami Beach. Expanding the reach of this awesome practice and attracting celebrity clients including Madonna, Slyvester Stallone, Courtney Love, Lenny Kravitz, Goldie Hawn, William Orbit, Desmond Child and a host of other high profile people including professional athletes, politicians and corporate executives.       

Some quotes from students

"Wayne is an extremely knowledgable and compassionate teacher who brings out the best in his students." 

"Wayne kicks ass, he is the real deal"

Wayne is a noble and experienced teacher who shares his love and passion for yoga to his students, seeding in us the desire to learn.

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